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Free GIFs for your websites and social medias without watermarks. All HD Gif images are perfectly animated and shared for free with easy Gif download. Enjoy Royalty-free Gifs from a huge collection of GIF files library.

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You must be wondering what exactly is the GIFF? The GIFF (Graphics Interchange File Format) or GIF (graphic interchange format) is a kind of file extension just like PNG, JPG OR MOV etc. It was first introduced by a person working at CompuServe to the world. This was one of the most known file formats for its lossless compression and super flexibility. The GIFF file format can be used for several reasons. Previously GIF was widely used as a best light-weighted substitute for videos to be played on a website for promotions. Since video files are heavy and take time to load on internet, it made websites load slowly. This drawback was soon replaced by GIF with its flashy uses in banner ads etc. Since the GIF banners were small in size but get loaded quickly making the websites faster, it was the best medium to display more information in a small place. These GIF can be hyperlinked to another website for navigation. So GIF made marketer's job easy with its flashing of information & graphics to seek the viewers' attention. GIF was used in a wide variety of applications like web greetings, funny graphics, action messages, pre-loaders and much more.

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As we have mentioned that GIF is one of the most flexible file format that is lightweight in terms of file size. GIF uses text information or Graphics to display the message depending on its application. GIF was very widely used as web banners to seek viewers' attention by flashing graphics & text. This was the best choice for advertisers to divert web traffic to gain sales etc. But, GIF was not used just for the sake of web banners. GIF is lighter & easier to implement compared to a video. It can also display more information than a static image. GIF quickly captures the viewers' attention to make an impact. It also have a very strong potential to go viral on the internet. It is capable of delivering the expressions, emotions and messages. It is capable of impacting the audiences mindset in a few seconds. They are compatible with almost all the platforms to be used. The most important fact that GIF can be used for almost all applications and mediums on the internet.

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GIF files are of very light filesize. So they can be easily shared, through WhatsApp, email or other ways over the internet. They can widely be used to display information, graphics or very small video clips. Royalty Free GIFs are very rapidly gaining popularity again as they are very much being used on social media to express the user's reaction in an impactful manner. GIFs with gestures, reactions, actions, humour, instructions and much more are increasingly being used by us on our social media platforms to express our mindset & reactions without writing or speaking a word. GIF files at Royalty Free Footages are free to use and can be directly downloaded for commercial or personal use. We have a huge collection of GIFs that is rich in graphics and entertaining. Use it for your reactions or share it for a smile. Express yourself effortlessly, and with the same impact as if you are personally expressing words. Get GIFs for websites, mobile apps, social media or WhatsApp etc. Remember "Sharing is Caring"…