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Personalised greetings to express your feelings and gratitude. Greetings for special occasions to share your happiness and special messages for the sensitive moments. Enjoy best greeting images for free download and greetings to be shared on email and whatsapp messages.

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The world is a common platform now. There are no more boundaries when it comes to the internet. Humans have discovered an efficient way to communicate words or emotions. We have seen postcard greetings in the past, but now the technology has surpassed the challenges of time frame and costs. We can now share royalty free greetings, wishes or messages in digital formats that can reach the person on the other end instantly or in a few minutes. Today, social media has revolutionized our world for communication. Also, digital technology with smartphones has made it possible to personalize this information-sharing experience very seamlessly & instantly. So, it's time to explore the ocean of greeting image cards with several genres and messages. Find greetings for any occasion and reason. Just share it with anyone with a click. Greetings make it possible to express your feelings and words in an impactful manner. Image greetings or GIF greetings help you effortlessly speak your heart or make an expression as per the situation. So if you have words to be expressed, say them with greeting messages. To make it more fun or personal share our animated greetings cards. Greetings for every occasion or emotion, we have it all…

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A greeting card can express all the human emotions, joy, thanks, sympathy, humour, love and admiration with equal impact. It allows us to connect on an emotional level with the people who have touched our lives or are important to us, not just personally but also professionally. In our day-to-day life, we come across many people and we interact with them. So formally we greet and exchange words. But at times we miss the opportunity to get in touch with a few. This is where digital cards & royalty free greetings help to bridge the communication gap. Sharing greeting cards is a soft reminder that you are thinking of someone or are missing them. Also, such greetings show your concern and care for the person.

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At times, it's not what you say, but how you make others feel, that creates lasting relationships. A personalized message, custom graphics and individual photos can strike the personal attachment of your sentiment with others. This is where images and words come into play, combined together they are the best blend to make your message being heard and respected. Today, eCards provide a richer experience and ensure you’re keeping up with the most modern medium of communication. ECards also allow you to showcase your ethical responsibility by saving the trees from being cut for the creating papers. But it's true a greeting card can for sure bring a smile to your loved ones. Royalty Free Footages understands this feeling of love and sentiment, and so we offer free greeting cards to all. Simply visit our website and explore the gallery as per your subject. Discover multiple options for the desired topic and just click on download or share. We have ensured the needful for you. While we focus on creating new options, you enjoy the greetings and share it with your loved ones.