Refund Policy - Royalty Free Footages

Refund Policy - Royalty Free Footages



Refund, Return & Cancellation


For Videos 


 a) We believe that you are buying the content from our website with your consent, choice, freedom and without any influence or pressure from our team. You are making the purchase with your own will and likes. So, any payment or transaction once completed will not be reversed or paid back or exchanged against the content you purchased.

 b) In case if you have made payments successfully and have not received the download link for the respective content within 24 hours, you can contact us to get the update or get the alternate download link for the same. Also, you can share the screenshot of the payments made to speed up the process of verification and sharing the content that you purchased.


For Subscription Plans. (Not applicable till we initiate or activate the subscription plans till further notice)


In short, we do not encourage or fall into the refund or return policy as you are having a very transparent deal with our website while making payments.

However, due to any reason if the payment is transferred to us and we fail to deliver the Content or service. We will ask you to make an alternate choice with the paid category videos to compensate for the amount you paid to us.


Still, if there are any issues that are not addressed by us, you can contact us through our website or direct email for the same.